This is a list of episodes of Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Full episodes of Sheriff Callie's Wild West are usually 24 minutes long.

Season 1Edit

Volume 1Edit

These are the episodes found in the first volume of Season 1 on iTunes.

List of Episodes
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Title Length Summary
1 1 Train Bandits 24 minutes Train Bandits interrupt a train ride on Sheriff Callie's trip to Junctionville for a Sheriff's Contest.
A Dirty Dusty Apology Description needed.
2 2 Horseshoe Peck Peck is a natural at horseshoes but all of his winning leads him to become a bad sport.
Callie's Gold Nugget Description needed.
3 3 Tricky Trouble A traveling salesman named Tricky Travis comes to town to sell "Make Ya Strong" shirts.
Toby's Untrue Achoo! Description needed.
4 4 Stagecoach Stand-Ins Peck and Toby volunteer to drive a stagecoach across the Scary Prairie, but they drive off without the most important piece of cargo.
Gold Mine Mix-Up Description needed.'
5 5 The Pesky Kangaroo Rat Sheriff Callie has to catch a kangaroo rat that is causing lots of trouble in Nice and Friendly Corners.
Cattle Overdrive Description needed.
6 6 Sparky's Rival Sparky has a new rival when a brand new, very fast steam locomotive comes to town.
Jail Crazy Description needed.
7 7 Toby Gets Nosy Toby gets a big bump on his nose right before the first-ever town picture.
Peck Takes It Back Description needed.
8 8 Sparky's Lucky Day Sparky slips and loses his confidence right before a big barrel race.
Peck's Bent Beak Description needed.
9 9 Toby the Cowsitter Toby earns money for milkshakes by starting a cow-sitting business.
Callie's Blue Jay Blues Description needed.
10 10 Peck's Darling, Clementine Peck is tired of getting places too late because of his slow mule, Clementine.
Lasso Come Home Description needed.
11 11 Twist and Shout Peck is praised as a hero after a spaghetti twister storms through Nice and Friendly Corners.
Calamity Priscilla Description needed.
12 12 King Stinky Farmer Stinky's friends shower himw ith favors to get some of his rare Prairie Peppers.
Abigail's Extra Big Story Description needed.